Changes, Enhancements, and Upgrades: When to Have an Elitist Mindset

Change the door 

Saloon doors have no locks. Whether you’re entering or exiting, all we have to do is push right on through to get to our desired destination. Saloon doors are symbolic of our senses: What we see, smell, taste, touch, and hear come in and go right back out at free will. We live in a world where things are coming and going in and out all day long–but it doesn’t have to be this way. We have the ability to hire a contractor who could come in and change the doors, add security, and then require an entry free. We just have to be willing to make the investment to upgrade. Yes, it requires a bit more attention to detail, but deterring unwanted guests is the goal, and boundaries help us achieve it. 

Enhance the systems 

Every now and then I like a nice prime ribeye that’s been aged for 32+ days–cooked medium, perhaps charred–with some creamed spinach on the side from Morton’s Steakhouse. (When the service person asks if they can take the complimentary bread and butter away from the table, I tell them to leave it because I like to dip the bread in the juices left-over. 🤤) It’s delightful..satisfying, and I ask myself why it is that way. Well, it’s because they made it that way on purpose–and there is a cost that comes with it

That’s what we have to do. A level of exclusivity has to be accompanied with our sacred vessel. From the crease in the white tablecloth to the presentation of the featured items on the menu, it all matters

Anything we utter, must enhance life. 

And anything we see, must give us life.

I can’t believe I’m putting this word in a sentence but, here we go…it’s okay to have an elitist philosophy when it comes to what we consume physically, mentally, and spiritually–for its contents will be an outer manifestation of our essence. Our vibe. 

Upgrade the staff 

You know the moment that you book an experience (whether consciously or unconsciously) what to expect. These types of places and spaces make you feel warm. There is a level of consistency that does not teeter. We’ve all probably heard the saying, “the people make the place,” and that couldn’t be more accurate when comes to our experience. When the dining room is full and the pressure is on, the staff has it under control. When a guest books a reservation for a large celebration dinner, no sweat. They’ve trained for this. 

Our own staff is the internal messages we’ve concretized–how we respond to the unpredictability of everyday life. The words we use in moments of anxiety, uncertainty, and disappointment are symbolic of our staffing. What are you staffed with? What messages are registering at the managerial level? What type of people do you have in your place?

Message from the author

There is a famous Bob Marley song called Sun is Shining. It’s so easy to sing when the sun is actually shining, but I live in Portland, Oregon where the majority of the time it’s raining and that can cause your mood to dim. So I switch it up and say:

“the rain is pouring, 

the weather is sweet 

makes you want to move

your dancing feet”

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