Intro to Zen Moments

Ni**a gotta hit the golf course to get a peace of mind.” 

ScHoolboy Q

The definition of Zen: a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort; peaceful and calm

Why Zen? 

Life is hectic, noisy, and busy. We live from one moment to the next, never really slowing down. We have places to go, people to see, obligations we “must” fulfill. This is the demand of our daily lives–and because of this, we sometimes neglect our inner world. We need to integrate more Zen moments. 

What is a #ZenMoment? 

A Zen moment is when you stop, settle, listen, and act. Our bodies have a way of talking to us, revealing exactly what we need–but we usually ignore its call. We leave that ass on read and then we block its number. 

A zen moment can be as simple as pouring yourself a glass of water. A zen moment is shutting your phone off for 30 minutes. A zen moment is closing your laptop in between meetings. A zen moment is taking a bubble bath when you notice your muscles are tight.  A zen moment is going on a walk in the park. A zen moment is five minutes of doing absolutely nothing. A zen moment is pausing for a few deep breaths. A zen moment is holding a yoga pose or going on a run. A zen moment is being proactive and protecting what we all deserve and need: inner peace

We asked attendees at one of our pop-ups, what a #ZenMoment looked like for them, and we want to know what it looks like for you, too. Let us know in the comments! A zen moment is

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