A few things I know.

I don’t know a lot, but here are a few facts that I know, for sure:

I know my timeline looks different.

I know my posts may make a lot of my followers uncomfortable. They should—and I hope they move you to action.

I know what I’m choosing to put out there will be written forever.

I know that I’ve been scared most of my life to say a lot of things that mattered to me.

I know that I have more courage now than I’ve ever had. I’ve seen too many people die, and I’ve read too many headlines.

I know that what I’ve wanted to say all along wasn’t what I’m saying now, simply because we’ve never been under these circumstances.

I know for a fact this year has changed my life forever.

I know I’m not saying a lot in this post, but so much at the same time.

I know I’m looking toward the light and I hope you are too.

Published by Miranda

Yoga teacher, photographer, lover of food and nature. Creative director and co-founder of Zen in Black Skin.

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