My 26th Birthday Wish

Here I am; another trip around the sun and another year to be grateful for! It’s funny how as you get older, your perception of birthdays changes. I used to think birthdays were all about celebrating myself, and really used it as an excuse to make the whole day (or week) about me. I never did anything over the top because I am usually coming back from winter travels around this time of the year, but I do remember having seriously selfish moments around my birthday from previous years: Posting on social media that it was my birthday and receiving texts, calls and gifts was so self-fulfilling! It made me feel SO good knowing that hundreds of people were wishing me a happy birthday on so many outlets. I could literally feel the immediate self-gratification from social media change my attitude – for better or for worse.

I had no clue.

Thank you to my amazing husband for this beautiful bouquet with 26 hand-picked flowers

As I get older, birthdays are a reminder that my time on Earth is getting shorter and shorter. That means I should really be getting it together when it comes to what I want my life to look like in the end. Now, my life goals don’t consist of becoming the CEO of a company or making millions of dollars because let’s face it, that just sounds stressful. I don’t want a life that looks “busy” and hectic. Personally, as long as I’m making a positive impact on others each and every day, I am fulfilling my Earthly duties. I don’t make wishes on my birthday anymore, because why wish for something when I can literally open my eyes and make that my reality?

I remember when I was younger, I would always wish and pray for world peace. Clearly, that won’t happen (because I told you my wish – LOL, jk), but I can do my part everyday by offering a smile to a stranger or helping someone in need. Now that I’m older, I don’t think I wasted all those birthday wishes or nighttime prayers. I see peace often, maybe not the world peace I envisioned as an 8 year old wanting wars to end, but I truly feel peace and tranquility inside from time to time knowing that I am doing my part here on Earth and seeing random acts of kindness by strangers.

Now that you know my birthday wishes, what are yours? What do you plan to do with your time left here on Earth? I hope you choose to live and not just exist!

Peace, love and positivity to all!


This image is from a great book I read last year: “Am I There Yet?” by Mari Andrew. What a statement!!

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Yoga teacher, photographer, lover of food and nature. Creative director and co-founder of Zen in Black Skin.

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