Privilege of Various Sorts: A Survey

Hello there! As promised on social media, I am sharing the results of a recent study I did on privilege. As an undergraduate student at the University of South Carolina, I was assigned to create a social marketing project for a final presentation in one of my classes. 

This survey reminded me that although other people are more privileged than myself, a woman of color, there are still discriminatory practices that I am not effected by on a daily basis (religion & sexual preference)

-Anonymous Participant

I conducted this study based on a larger survey by Buzzfeed. I picked a few of their statements about privilege and added my own little twist to get feedback and additional comments from those who participated. I was mostly interested in seeing how many people would actually feel comfortable enough to take the survey, and also seeing what thoughts or feelings this survey would conjure up.

I live in a place that only primarily upper middle class white people can afford to live in. It makes me angry because I crave diversity and I crave a world where EVERYONE feels loved and accepted JUST AS THEY ARE.

-Anonymous Participant

I had a wonderful response to the survey, with 200 participants in the first 24 hours of posting! I ended up cutting off the survey at 200 so I could properly analyze the results, but I have reopened it. If you’re interested in taking the survey, you can do so here. You may remain anonymous if you would like to!

Now, let’s look at the results!

Also, 67% (134) of the participants were college graduates. 
141 were employed
11 were unemployed or stay-at-home spouses
18 were retired
(Not everyone checked boxes for work/school status)

*Please excuse any misspellings/typos as I copied quotes directly from participants. 

So, what do you think? I would love (even more) feedback now that you have seen the results and some of the responses from those who participated. I do want to say that no one should feel guilty for their privilege. If anything, use it for the betterment of society. We could really use people like you in the world we live in today! 

Again, thank you to everyone who participated! I enjoyed this SO much, and really feel that people can benefit from hearing different stories from a diverse audience. I would love to do this again with a different topic. Let me know your thoughts below or in my email! 

Peace, love, and positivity to all.


*Disclaimer: I conducted this study on my own for a project in class. The University of South Carolina was not affiliated with this study or this post in any way.

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