Zen in Black Skin

Mindfulness. Nature. Movement.

What We Do

We’re a mobile wellness collective promoting mindfulness, nature, and movement through our yoga classes, clubs and workshops

Current offerings:

  • Group Yoga
  • Partner Yoga
  • Mindfulness and Breathing
  • Custom Poetry and Affirmations
  • Nature Walks + Forest Bathing

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Who We Are

Marcus is a former collegiate and professional football player, coach, and Director of Player Development. After retiring from the NFL and earning his Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Marcus became the wellness director for Select Health of South Carolina, a medicaid provider. He and his team conducted wellness camps across the state serving over two thousand youth during his 8-year tenure. 

Marcus attributes finding zen to the wilderness of the great Northwest, exercise, writing, and his spiritual practice of yoga.

Miranda graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Public Health and a minor in Women and Genders Studies. With the goal of bringing healing and wellness to communities of color, Miranda enrolled in a 200-hour yoga teacher training at the beginning of the pandemic. She believes “every body is a yoga body,” and brings this approach to each class through a de-colonized lens.

Miranda finds her version of zen through the the practice and study of yoga, the stillness of nature photography, journaling, and therapy.

Marcus and Miranda Lattimore have been married since December 19, 2015 and are proud dog-parents of their standard-size poodle, Mocha. In early 2020, the couple made plans to uproot their comfortable lives in South Carolina to embrace discomfort through un-learning and re-learning systems and patterns that had been instilled over the years (and unconsciously through ancestral memory). Through the privilege of uninterrupted time in their new setting of Portland, Oregon, Miranda and Marcus became intentional about self-actualization and procuring peace along the way–finding their own Zen in Black Skin. Through their studies, a common theme repeatedly occurred: mindfulness, nature and movement. They dreamt up a space where people could experience the stillness and insight gained through mindfulness, the healing powers of nature, and the freedom to be found through movement–the practices they acquired on their self-growth journey. In 2022, Zen in Black Skin was formed.

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